Polar BearPolar bears are currently under the threat of extinction from a variety of different sources. The main problem is that of climate change.

Climate change is currently causing the Arctic ice to melt and what remains is becoming even thinner and more treacherous. Polar bears need the ice to remain in order to hunt. The fact that the ice is disappearing means that they have to travel further and further to have the opportunity of reaching their prey. This can lead to the polar bears not getting enough food to survive the ice-free Summer and Autumn months, which can in turn lead to starvation or a lower polar bear reproduction rate.

An additional consequence of the melting ice caused by climate change is tragically causing polar bear cubs to die. When adult polar bears go out to hunt for their siblings, they shelter their cubs in snow dens. However, it has been known for these snow dens to collapse on the cubs and leave them exposed to the extreme weather conditions.

Finally, as the sea ice melts the area is also opened up to shipping and oil exploration, which adds to pollution in the area thus threatening the survival of the polar bear species.

Experts are predicting that by the year 2040, the Arctic sea ice could disappear entirely if climate change continues unchecked.

You can help a polar bear. By sponsoring a polar bear through the WWF scheme you are actively playing a part in attempting to help prevent the polar bear species from becoming extinct. Adopt a polar bear today and make a difference.